Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here I am again

A picture of Ciel,exhausted after he went out with dad for half a day.

I have always been wondering whether it was a good idea to fall in love with my own cousin. Ever since he got here, we have been locked in quarrels and fights almost every fortnight... Dad even threatened to send him away if it keeps up.

Just last week...i think. we quarreled again. It wasnt our usual heated quarrels where we start pulling slaps and punches. It was...cold. I dont know. Ciel wasnt even whining. He just...looks uninterested. At that point. i think it was a sudden wakeup call that Ciel was not going to be by my side forever if this keeps up. Even though Dad promised that he wont send Ciel away, but it doesnt gurantee that Ciel will still love me like he did last time.

Well. i tried talking after the got through to him. You have no idea how relieved I was when he actually smiled at the stupid jokes i made. I think its really time...I have to start learning to appreciate Ciel. From now, it will not be Ciel chasing after me, it will be me running back for him. I pray it would last.


A little write up that never did come about of mine and ciel's profile

Name: Yuuto Kamiya
Age: 16 [human years]
D.O.B: 26 Nov
likes: my creepers,Ciel,my fake leather pants,my doggeh toy
dislikes: my lip piercing, the ugly head at my house[Seth],dresses, wearin shirts at home
faceup artist: Chiaki , Dad
favourite tailor: M.Y. jiejie >D
fav clothes brand: h.naoto ;A;

Name: Ciel de Rehauste
Age: 14 [human years]
D.O.B: 24 Nov
likes: Yuuto, cute stuff >///<, Uncle Sochii

dislikes: non for now
faceup artist: Uncle Sochii
favourite tailor: Aunty Suzhou
fav clothes brand: Burberry

==== Pictures update ======

Sharing a Secret


Lovely times

Ciel: Promise you'll never let go
Yuuto: I promise...
Ciel: ... haha...liar
Yuuto: ^^ ....I try not to
Ciel: ^^...

Friday, January 16, 2009

lip piercing

My stupid, dumbass, and totally freaking retarded dad gave me a lip piercing. *fumes*

[Sochii: i dont mind what you are saying *hearts~~<3*]>

well. i am gonna try and blog more often now. i guess >.>llll
Dad says i m being to be less cute =.= does that means i will attract less SDs?
Ciel: =A+ YUUTO

uh yea...probably?
well. dad also says that he's giving ciel a makeover/plastic surgery very soon.
Ciel isnt too eager on that, but dad convince him that if he goes through it, i will love him more =.= wtf. right.
... ... ...
... ...

well. gotta believe in dad. he's a surgeon. OTL

Me enjoying a nice morning with Ciel comforting me.

well. until that stupid dad came over for a photo of my piercing.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not all sweets and fluff

one picture of me with Natsu during her newbie shoot with Dad, i was helping out as a guy model.


Life is not all sweets and fluff afterall >.>lll i thought i would be MUCH MUCH happier when I have a lover =.= but it isnt the fact =A=llll now i know why dad broke up with most of his boyfriends...

Well. here's the thing. me and ciel have been quarreling often. VERY often >.>lll so much that I am too angry to update the blog...i mean why cant he grow up a bit. he is like WHINNING at every single thing I do. He knows i still swing around, but yet he cant take it down silently, he ALWAYS have to embarassed me in the public.

Jus last wk he accused me of cheating on him with Shinya, just because i was resting with him somewhereelse away from Ciel. and he was also unhappy that i ran off to take photograph and not stay by his side...he was the one who did not want to pose properly, which is why i ran off by myself to take photos.

Yesterday was even worse. the day before Natsu came over to stay, she stuck to me like glue. She is GUEST so i HAVE to entertain her while dad is busy, aint it? and Ciel accuse me of cheating on him again. like...dude. I HAVEN EVEN KISSED THE LADY =.=

Dad is giving out final warnings. either I get my act up, or he is going to send Ciel away since we arent as loving as we should be.... I dont know....I mean, I do love but why cant he just understands that I am not ready to be tied down so tightly? I dont know whether to cry to dad for help or settle this myself....We were lectured one week before, and Ciel became more demure cause dad threatened to send him away if this keeps up, but we were at it again jus before the Harajuku meet....i dont know if i can keep this up anymore...i feel so tired... *stares at all the photographs*


Thursday, November 27, 2008

~My Lady~

*beams happily*

my love arrived two days before my birthday..and this pile of dead meat *pokes sochii*

sochii: OI! i m dying k ;A;

>3 finished his faceup on my bdae itself. but stupidly, the birthday photo I have was deleted due to the lousy resizing and this knucklehead*pokes sochii*

sochii: OTL

did not have a back up copy >.>;;;

anyway~~~here are some info on my love

name: Ciel de Rehauste
age: undisclosed 8D *bleah* looks like 15, same as me.
info: the rumored child of my dad's vamp twin, Count Andelia de Rehauste. but Ciel looks as if he has taken after his mother...who supposedly might be a human.
sochii: >.>lll my brother is so screwed up.
so as it seems DAD.
sochii: ;A; I M SORRY

anyway, thanks dad *hugs* for paying for his ticket and stuff to see me...

Sochii: *hugs*

Friday, November 14, 2008


dad took photos me with kitty/doggeh ears =A=lll from te new batch...wth......WTH...WTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
and i got bully by a bunch of uncle while dad laughs his ass off seeing me defenceless ;A; you mean shit *kicks Sochii*
[WHUTTTT???? they wanted to see- *gets kicked again* your thing.]

i feel so violated >.>lll *hides in blanket*

Friday, September 26, 2008



sleeping with with shirayuki-niichan...

=A= i m so sleepy today~~zzzzzzzz

i think i will blog some other day again...

resting on Zereall uncle

ah beng akira niichan

Saturday, August 9, 2008


so yea >.> like i have always said. I M A DANCER. but goddammit not one believes.

and dad only believed that i can only do those sissy dances like say...CHINESE DANCE. today. i proved him WRONG.

check this out. i can do breakdance too.

IN YOUR FACE DAD! [Sochii:yea i know >.> i m sorry darling~~ *huggles yuuto*] hmph >.>
and yea. i can do sissy dances too =.=

Chinese dance


this is not really dance, but i can do gymnastics.[dad has been watching too much of Olympics gymnastic >.>]

Wednesday, July 30, 2008



yes. i m officially home >3 dad picked my head up from chiaki-artist yesterday along with grandma and grandpa. i was soooo happy to be home XDXD until.....i saw m body in a yukata =.= you have any idea how hard is it to walk and sleep in??!! [Dad: OMG i m sorry my baby boy T^T *hugs hugs*] ewwwww dad. you are forgiven. things got better after i changed into my original wig >3 well...not that i hate the blond wig, but i love my red wig better. Dad change me into my blond wigs cos he say its easier for transportation and I dont want to be hairless [dad: good grieve] yes dad. my another painted my nails red like his =.= HOW DUMB CAN YOU GET?[dad: =A+ but it looks so nice....] yea. whatever. i jus have to leave with it den.

currently I m in school with my dad cos he simply cant stop miaming me with hugs[DAD: awwwwwwwwwwww but you look so cute ><] anyway, dad says i look like a DOC doll. cos i have pinker lips and i got back my white skin. and i have bigs eyes >.> so yea. the reason why i puttin up with my dad now is cause he hasn seen me for long....if this gooey mushy stuff goes on after two weeks from now >.> i'll kill him [dad: i'll disassemble you =.=] .... .... .... is sick, so i m being accomodating~ peace out *hugs dad*

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I HASH SPEAR!!!! at least this is what zereall-uncle taught me XDXD well. yea.

hahahaha. anyway MY HEAD is over at chiaki-aunt's house for a new face up XDXD while my body is like a headless fly roamin around at home. I m asking dad to do a spell-check for me though XDXD i can still type. WAHAHAHAHHAHA

ok. i wanna go have a out-of-body experience.really. seriously. happy bdae to Kazuki-daddy XDXDXD

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sho-nii [Diva no?]

jus when you thought that sho-nii has converted from diva to helpless. he bounces bac >3 enjoy~